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Adelaide Place
– 5 Adelaide Place, John Belcher, architect
– 5 Adelaide Place, Waring & Moline, consignees for Guinness
Aldersgate Street
– 11 Aldersgate Street, Solomon Maw, surgeon’s instrument maker
– 117-120 Aldersgate Street, Wood and Sharwood, Austin Letter Foundry
– 136 Aldersgate Street, Thomas Collingridge, watch maker
– 136 Aldersgate Street, Joseph Hawkrigg, coffee house keeper
Bishopsgate Street Within
– 28 Bishopsgate Street Within, John Colley, perfumer and hair cutter
– 93 Bishopsgate Street Within, Henry Luke Cooper, plate glass factor and upholsterer
Bishopsgate Street Without
– 38 Bishopsgate Street Without, Jeremiah Whitfield, carpet warehouse
– 40 Bishopsgate Street Without, John Geddes, Catherine Wheel Inn
– 85 Bishopsgate Street Without, John Pearson Teede, grocer
– 87 Bishopsgate Street Without, Thomas Alexander Millington, glazier
– 189-190 Bishopsgate Street Without, William Sykes, van office
– 198-199 Bishopsgate Street Without, William Morris, publican at The White Hart
– 201 Bishopsgate Street Without, Henry Edward Morey, fishmonger
Blackfriars Street
– 17½ Blackfriars Road, Henry Gray, livery stables
– 32 Blackfriars Road, Thomas Farley, toy warehose
– 60 Blackfriars Road, Zetterquist & Sons, oilmen
– 253 Blackfriars Road, William Shaw, ironmonger
Blackman Street
– 11 Blackman Street, John Thomas Rudderforth, staymaker
– 30 Blackman Street, Benjamin Holwell, confectioner
– 90 Blackman Street, Thomas Hosegood, surgeon
– 110 Blackman Street, Askew & Co, linen drapers and carpet warehouse
Bond Street
– 14 New Bond Street, Jean-Baptiste Reynauld, silk merchant
– 23 New Bond Street, Richard James Culverwell, bathing establishment
– 29 New Bond Street, Thomas & William Boone, booksellers
– 73 New Bond Street, Harry Phillips, auctioneer
– 74 New Bond Street, Elizabeth Huntly, seal and copper-plate engraver
– 119 New Bond Street, Francis Szarka & Co., furriers
– 140 New Bond Street, Richard Mills, musical circulating library
– 165 New Bond Street, Thomas Warne, currier
– 26 Old Bond Street, Christopher Lonsdale, music library
– 44 Old Bond Street, William Whitfield, butterman
– 46 Old Bond Street, David Simpson, baker
Borough High Street
– 53 Borough High Street, Monnery, glover and outfitter
– 156 Borough High Street, Joseph Sterry & Son, Italian warehouse
Broad Street, Bloomsbury
– 1 Broad Street, John Meabry & Son, grocers
Bridge Street, Westminster
– 13 Bridge Street, Westminster, Edward Milns, linen draper
– 14 Bridge Street, Westminster, Fendall’s Coffee House and Hotel
Charing Cross
– 14 Charing Cross, William Clowes, printer
– 16 Charing Cross, Francis Place, tailor
– 60 Charing Cross, Francis Pontet, tobacconist
– 66-67 Charing Cross, Thomas and James Farrance, cooks and confectioners
Charles Street
– 20 Charles Street, Emanuel Serquet, harp maker
– 23 Charles Street, John Tarring, architect
Charlotte Street
– 14 Charlotte Street, John Boulnois, upholsterer
– 21 Charlotte Street, How & Cheverton, tea dealers
– 37 Charlotte Street, François Cramer, violinist
– 93 Charlotte Street, Robert Attenborough, jeweller and pawnbroker
– 19 Cheapside, Edward Dyer Suter, Infant Book Depository
– 51 Cheapside, George and Alfred Pill, pastry cooks and confectioners
– 58 Cheapside, Thomas Bowtell, boot and shoe maker
– 64 Cheapside, Eddels and Kerby, hosiers and glovers
– 65 Cheapside, John Bennett, clock and watchmaker
– 70 Cheapside, Solomon Barraclough, tobacconist
– 73 Cheapside, Thomas Tegg, bookseller
– 77 Cheapside, James Pimm, fishmonger and confectioner
– 88 Cheapside, George Hebert, librarian and bookseller
Chiswell Street
– 41 Chiswell Street, Smith & Pinkney, solicitors
Cockspur Street
– 26-27 Cockspur Street, British Coffee House and Hotel
– 30 Cornhill, Joseph Eglese, jeweller and watch maker
– 37 Cornhill, William Henry Ablett, outfitter
– 60 Cornhill, Robert Dever, confectioner
– 72 Cornhill, Thomas Milroy & Sons, saddlers and harness makers
Coventry Street
– 7 Coventry Street, George Halfhide, seal engraver
Cranbourn Street
– 25 Cranbourn Street, Henry Andrew Milentz, furrier
Cripplegate Buildings
– 1 Cripplegate Buildings, Richard Finden, baby linen warehouse
– 2 Cripplegate Buildings, John Mason, plumber
– 3 Cripplegate Buildings, Thomas Vyse, straw hat manufacturer
– 4 Cripplegate Buildings, Evans and Lescher, wholesale druggists
– 6 Cripplegate Buildings, Deacon & Co., carriers
Duke Street
– 2 Duke Street, Benjamin Edgington, tarpaulin manufacturer
Farringdon Street
– 24 Farringdon Street, William Snoswell, musical clock & watch maker
– 44 Farringdon Street, Charles Houghton, ironmonger
– 75 Farringdon Street, Thomas Nettleton, brazier
Fenchurch Street
– 28 Fenchurch Street, George Moffat, tea broker
– 30 Fenchurch Street, Thomas Snelling, oilman
– 34 Fenchurch Street, Borradaile, Son & Ravenhill, merchants
– 35 Fenchurch Street, Suter & Voysey, architects
– 56 Fenchurch Street, Sharp & Son, tea dealers & grocers
– 57 Fenchurch Street, Johnson, Renny & Milman, indigo merchants
– 135 Fenchurch Street, Henry Broughton, button maker
– 165 Fenchurch Street, Monnery, glover and outfitter
Fish Street Hill
– 40 Fish Street Hill, Wilcoxon & Co, looking glass manufacturers
– 47 Fish Street Hill, John Miller, waterproof clothing
Fleet Street
– 31 Fleet Street, Mary Harrison, toy dealer
– 31 Fleet Street, Henry Farley, toy dealer
– 43 Fleet Street, William Benning, law bookseller
– 45 Fleet Street, Charles John Eckford, carver and gilder
– 45 Fleet Street, Stephen and George Hooper, stationers and printers
– 55 Fleet Street, Louis Ferdinand Colas, box maker
– 69 Fleet Street, James Chaffin, glass and lamp manufacturer
– 69 Fleet Street, Perkins, Bacon & Petch, bank note engravers
– 86 Fleet Street, Charles Tilt, publisher and print seller
– 86 Fleet Street, David Bogue, bookseller and publisher
– 94 Fleet Street, W. & J. Sangster, umbrella makers
– 97 Fleet Street, George David Doudney, tailor
– 102 Fleet Street, Charles Baddeley, boot and shoe maker
– 103-104 Fleet Street, Waithman & Co., linen drapers
– 177-178 Fleet Street, Peel’s Coffee House
– 179 Fleet Street, Stephen and George Hooper, stationers and printers
– 204 Fleet Street, George and Richard Attenborough, jewellers and pawnbrokers
Goodge Street
– 1 Goodge Street, John Tullet, wine and spirit merchant
– 37 Goodge Street, Augustus Thiselton, printer
Gracechurch Street
– 20 Gracechurch Street, Elizabeth Pryor, silversmith
– 35 Gracechurch Street, Christy & Co., hat manufacturers
– 36 Gracechurch Street, Durnford & Co, pin and needle makers
– 59 Gracechurch Street, Henry Blenkinsop, hosier
Hatton Garden
– 25 Hatton Garden, Catherine Glendinning, printer
– 81 Hatton Garden, James Muston, feather merchant and wholesale upholsterer
– 98-99 Hatton Garden, Danks and Son, carpet warehouse
– 102 Hatton Garden, John Jaques, ivory turner
– 34 Haymarket, Fribourg & Treyer, tobacconists
– 41 Haymarket, George Biggs, Hope Coffee House
High Holborn
– 26-27 High Holborn, John Hooper & Sons, confectioners and lozenge manufacturers
– 28 High Holborn, Anthony Brown, musical instrument maker
– 89 High Holborn, Claudet & Houghton, glass dealers
– 153 High Holborn, Woolley & Sabine, playing card makers
– 223 High Holborn, Alexander Thorn, oil and Italian warehouse
– 237 High Holborn, Edward Radclyffe, carver and gilder
High Street, Bloomsbury
– 4 High Street, Archibald Barklimore, surgeon
– 22 High Street, Bloomsbury, George Cramp, coal merchant
– 32 High Street, Bloomsbury, Charles Ubsdell, tailor
– 46 High Street, Bloomsbury, Louis Panormo, guitar maker
High Street, Islington
– 3 High Street, Becket & Young, tea dealers
– 18 Holborn, Joseph Cross, engraver
– 59 Holborn, John Weale, architectural library
– 181 Holborn, Marshall and Sons, wax chandlers
Holborn Bars
– 146 Holborn Bars, Dymond & Co., operative chemists
– 147 Holborn Bars, Daniel Barrett, tea and coffee dealer
Holborn Hill
– 36 Holborn Hill, William Spratswill, tailor and draper
King William Street
– 4-5 King William Street, Thomas Ridgway, tea merchant and grocer
– 24 King William Street, Ruddick and Heenan, importers of cigars
– 27 King William Street, Rehsif, Ablett & Co., outfitters
– 28 King William Street, Henry Tolkien, music publisher
– 32 King William Street, Alfred Markwick, Epithem Company
– 41 King William Street, Edward Mountcastle, hatter
– 60 King William Street, Ralph Wilcoxon, boot maker
Lamb’s Conduit Street
– 16 Lamb’s Conduit Street, John Whitfield & Son, cheese and bacon factors
– 35 Lamb’s Conduit Street, Garrett Farrell, confectioner
– 36 Lamb’s Conduit Street, John Brooks Pain, butcher
– 40 Lamb’s Conduit Street, James Yeomans, livery stables
– 42 Lamb’s Conduit Street, Sampson Low, bookseller
– 46 Lamb’s Conduit Street, William Benson Whitfield, surgeon
– 68 Lamb’s Conduit Street, Phillips and Sampson, tailors and drapers
– 69 Lamb’s Conduit Street, Mademoiselle Salaman, milliner and dress maker
Langham Place
– 3 Langham Place, Marks & Co., coach and harness manufactory
– 19 Langham Place, Alfred Markwick, surgeon
– 20 Langham Place, James Fergusson, architect
Leadenhall Street
– 4 Leadenhall Street, John Joseph Mechi, cutler and farmer
– 8 Leadenhall Street, Parbury & Co, Oriental Herald Office
– 28 Leadenhall Street, Wheeler and Dupin, auctioneers
– 105 Leadenhall Street, William John Huggins, marine painter
– 157 Leadenhall Street, J.W. Norie & Co., navigation warehouse
Lowther Arcade
– 11 Lowther Arcade, Edward Clarke, optician and magnetician
Ludgate Hill
– 35 Ludgate Hill, Isherwood & Son, house decorators
– 42 Ludgate Hill, Thomas Treloar, cocoa nut fibre warehouse
– 46 Ludgate Hill, Solomon Barraclough, tobacconist
– 48 Ludgate Hill, Ebenezer Flint, hosier
Ludgate Street
– 10 Ludgate Street, Everington & Graham, India shawl warehouse
– 28 Ludgate Street, Thomas and James Farrance, cooks and confectioners
– 30 Ludgate Street, Charles Vyse, straw hat manufacturer
Mansion House Street
– 9 Mansion House Street, Flanagan & Nutting, seedsmen
Middle Row, Holborn
– 13 Middle Row, Henry Finch, victualler
– 54 Moorgate, William Witcomb, tailor
– 63 Moorgate, Francesco Amadio, optician
Mortimer Street
– 4 Mortimer Street, Alexander Cheffins, music seller
– 10 Mortimer Street, John Pettinger, plumber
New Bond Street
– 14 New Bond Street, Jean-Baptiste Reynauld, silk merchant
– 23 New Bond Street, Richard James Culverwell, bathing establishment
– 29 New Bond Street, Thomas & William Boone, booksellers
– 73 New Bond Street, Harry Phillips, auctioneer
– 74 New Bond Street, Elizabeth Huntly, seal and copper-plate engraver
– 119 New Bond Street, Francis Szarka & Co., furriers
– 140 New Bond Street, Richard Mills, musical circulating library
– 165 New Bond Street, Thomas Warne, currier
New Bridge Street, Blackfriars
– 41 New Bridge Street, Henry Wix, bookseller and publisher
New Street, Covent Garden
– 17-18 New Street, John Moseley and son, plane and tool makers
Newgate Street
– 1 Newgate Street, Rev. Dr. Cotton, ordinary of Newgate Prison
– 37 Newgate Street, William Blundstone, broad silk manufacturer
– 115 Newgate Street, George Whiffin Bradbee, fringe maker
Newington Causeway
– 42 Newington Causeway, Henry Rudderforth, staymaker
– 52 Newington Causeway, (John) Thomas Rudderforth, staymaker
– 59 Newington Causeway, Marc Elphick, wine & spirits merchant
Norton Folgate
– 11 Norton Folgate, Peter Jones, chemist
Old Bond Street
– 26 Old Bond Street, Christopher Lonsdale, music library
– 44 Old Bond Street, William Whitfield, butterman
– 46 Old Bond Street, David Simpson, baker
Old Compton Street
– 14 Old Compton Street, John Ashby, carver and gilder
– 25 Old Compton Street, John Christopher Addison, chemist and druggist
– 27 Old Compton Street, Whisson & Collis, wine merchants
Oxford Street
– 29 Oxford Street, Honeywill & Co, coach makers
– 48 Oxford Street, John Baddeley & Son, boot makers
– 61-62 Oxford Street, Williams & Sowerby, silk mercers
– 89 Oxford Street, Mrs. Cubison, milliner and hatter
– 91 Oxford Street, William Churton & Son, hosiers
– 130 Oxford Street, Samuel Mart, fruiterer
– 140 Oxford Street, Henry Churton, hosiery warehouse
– 171 Oxford Street, Henry Fricker, shoe maker
– 172 Oxford Street, Henry Mills, silversmith
– 185 Oxford Street, Hewetson Brothers, upholsterers & warehousemen
– 250 Oxford Street, Mortlock & Sturges, china warehouse
– 315 Oxford Street, Charles Danieli, jeweller
– 321 Oxford Street, John Sherborn, oil and colour warehouse
– 418 Oxford Street, Louis Baronto, alabaster warehouse
Pall Mall
– 124 Pall Mall, Fribourg & Pontet, tobacconists
Parliament Street
– 25 Parliament Street, Nichols & Son, printers
– 27 Parliament Street, John Burder, solicitor
– 32 Parliament Street, Fendall’s Coffee House and Hotel
– 33 Parliament Street, Edward Milns, linen draper
– 1 Piccadilly, Joseph Egg, gunsmith
– 6 Piccadilly, Samuel Hemming, hosier
– 14 Piccadilly, Hawkes, Moseley & sons, military warehouse
– 35 Piccadilly, Nathaniel Jones Woolley, chemist & druggist
– 57 Piccadilly, David Simpson, baker
– 58 Piccadilly, Charles Alabaster, bonnet maker
– 185 Piccadilly, Swaine & Isaac, whipmakers
– 186 Piccadilly, Henry Al(l)nutt, brush maker
– 208 Piccadilly, Benjamin Edgington, tarpaulin manufacturer
– 3 Poultry, James Pimm, fishmonger and confectioner
– 12-13 Poultry, Peart & Dossetor, hosiery warehouse
– 38 Poultry, G. & A. Greenland, booksellers
Princes Street
– 25 Princes Street, John Christopher Addison, chemist and druggist
– 27 Princes Street, Whisson & Collis, wine merchants
Queen’s Head Passage
– Queen’s Head Passage, Thomas Howell, Dolly’s Beef Steak House
Rathbone Place
– 4 Rathbone Place, Wedgwood & Co., manifold writers
– 39 Rathbone Place, Israel Belasco, fruiterer
Red Lion Street
– 6 Red Lion Street, Manfield, wire worker
– 40 Red Lion Street, Elden, pastry cook
– 44 Red Lion Street, Charles Stennett, wine and spirit merchant
– 48 Red Lion Street, William Cazaly, linen draper
– 64 Red Lion Street, Robinson and Bellville, tea dealers and grocers
Regent Street
– 4-12 Regent Street, Carlton Chambers
– 18 Regent Street, William Mortlock, china warehouse
– 30 Regent Street, James Heenan, tobacconist
– 37 Regent Street, General Steam Navigation Company
– 44 Regent Street, Ann Drewett, circulating library
– 94 Regent Street, Benjamin Poulson, tailor
– 140 Regent Street, W. & J. Sangster, umbrella makers
– 154 Regent Street, Miss Clarke, lace warehouse
– 160 Regent Street, L.T. Piver, perfumer and glover
– 171-175 Regent Street, J. & J. Holmes, shawl manufacturers
– 217 Regent Street, W.C. Jay, shawl warehouse
– 247 Regent Street, Messrs. Jay, mourning warehouse
– 251 Regent Street, John Perring, hat maker
– 311 Regent Street, James and Thomas Turner, veterinary surgeons
Royal Exchange Buildings
– 10 Royal Exchange Buildings, W. & J. Sangster, umbrella makers
Shoreditch High Street
– 16 Shoreditch, Corss and Tuckett, boot & shoemakers
– 25 Shoreditch, James Corss, tailor
– 49 Shoreditch, James Corss, tailor
– 63 Shoreditch High Street, Josiah John Luntley, undertaker
– 75 Shoreditch High Street, Charles Ubsdell, tailor
– 110 Shoreditch High Street, Richard, Richard and George Attenborough, jewellers and pawnbrokers
Skinner Street
– 1 Skinner Street, Richard Nelson Reeve, mercer
– 49 Skinner Street, Thomas Bowtell, boot and shoe warehouse
Smithfield Bars
– 4 Smithfield Bars, William Puddick, eating house keeper
– 17 Smithfield Bars, Thomas Edgington, twine and tarpaulin manufacturer
Soho Square
– 1 Soho Square, Gundry & Sons, shoemakers
– 21 Soho Square, Crosse and Blackwell, fish sauce warehouse
– 27 Soho Square, John Browne, piano dealer
– 35 Soho Square, Hetley & Co., glass shade warehouse
St. James’s Street
– 26 St. James’s Street, Bromley’s Auction Rooms
– 36 St. James’s Street, Charles and William Eley, patent wire cartridge warehouse
– 55 St. James’s Street, Henry Richards, chemist
St. John Street
– 50 St. John Street, James Newton & Son, cork cutters
– 114 St. John Street, George Farmiloe, window glass cutter
St. Martin’s-Le-Grand
– 18 St. Martin’s-Le-Grand, Thomas Woodward, baker
St. Paul’s Churchyard
– 16 St. Paul’s Churchyard, Toplis & Son, auctioneers
– 18 St. Paul’s Churchyard, Jackson & Walford, booksellers
– 27 St. Paul’s Churchyard, James Hardy & Sons, playing card makers
– 78 St. Paul’s Churchyard, Todd & Procter, cheesemongers
– 4 Strand, James and Richard Starkie, chemists
– 46 Strand, Peter Whelan, coin dealer
– 70 Strand, Freeman Roe, hydraulic engineer
– 76 Strand, Isaac Henry Robert Mott, pianoforte maker
– 85 Strand, John Perring, hat maker
– 111 Strand, William Miers, maker of miniature frames
– 130 Strand, Charles Baddeley, boot and shoe maker
– 142 Strand, John Wright, wine and spirit merchant (Turk’s Head)
– 152 Strand, Thresher, Son & Co, outfitters and shirt makers
– 188 Strand, Samuel Fisher, cutler
– 310 Strand, George Peirce, printer
– 370-371 Strand, Samuel Hunt, billiard rooms and cigar divan
– 371 Strand, Edward Cahan, tailor
– 391 Strand, William Henry Simpson, baker
Tottenham Court Road
– 9 Tottenham Court Road, Jeremiah Danks, carpet warehouse
– 48 Tottenham Court Road, Thomas Cazaly, engraver and stationer
– 64 Tottenham Court Road, John Tullet, wine and spirit merchant
– 94 Tottenham Court Road, John Procter, cheesemonger
– 119 Tottenham Court Road, Thomas Rawbone, wine vaults
– 152 Tottenham Court Road, Thomas Bowtell, Tottenham Shoe Mart
– 204 Tottenham Court Road, Hewetson Brothers, upholsterers & warehousemen
– 263 Tottenham Court Road, George Albert Chapman, linen draper
Wardour Street
– 96 Wardour Street, Dolby’s Dining Rooms
– 105 Wardour Street, Metzler & Co, pianoforte manufacturers
– 114 Wardour Street, Robert Faraday, brass founder
– 118 Wardour Street, Edward Brown, oil & Italian warehouse
Wellington Street, Borough
– 1* Wellington Street, Benjamin Edgington, tarpaulin manufacturer
– 11 Wellington Street, Charles Snelling, perfumer and hairdresser
– 13 Wellington Street, George Alderson, tailor
West Smithfield
– 81 West Smithfield, Richard and Henry Puddick, eating house keepers
Westminster Bridge Road
– 6-7 Westminster Bridge Road, Astley’s Royal Amphitheatre
– 100 Westminster Bridge Road, Charles Holwell, hatter
Wigmore Street
– 12 Wigmore Street, J.C. & J. Field, wax and tallow chandlers
– 13 Wigmore Street, Neville Daniell, dentist
– 13 Wigmore Street, Humphrey Hopper, sculptor
– 14 Wigmore Street, Frederick Crace, Painter to the King
– 19 Wigmore Street, John Lee Benham, ironmonger
– 52 Wigmore Street, Sir James Colquhoun, M.P.
Wood Street, Cheapside
– 10 Wood Street, James Bishop & Co, milliner and artificial flower maker
– 60-62 Wood Street, James Crocker, reel cotton manufacturer

Ablett, William Henry (outfitter)
Addison, John Christopher (chemist and druggist)
Alabaster, Charles (bonnet maker)
Alderson, George (tailor)
Alderson, John (linen draper)
Al(l)nutt, Henry (brush maker)
Amadio, Francesco (optician)
Artario, Henry
Ashby, John (carver and gilder)
Askew, John (linen drapers and carpet warehouse)
Astley, Philip (circus theatre)
Attenborough, George and Richard (jewellers and pawnbrokers)
Attenborough, Richard, Richard and George (jewellers and pawnbrokers)
Attenborough, Robert (jeweller and pawnbroker)
Austin Letter Foundry
Baddeley, Charles (boot and shoe maker)
Baddeley, Charles (boot and shoe maker)
Baddeley, John & Son (boot makers)
Barklimore, Archibald (surgeon)
Baronto, Louis (alabaster warehouse)
Barraclough, Solomon (tobacconist)
Barrett, Daniel (tea and coffee dealer)
Becket & Young (tea dealers)
Belasco, Israel (fruiterer)
Belcher, John (architect)
Benham, John Lee (ironmonger)
Bennett, John (clock and watchmaker)
Benning, William (law bookseller)
Biggs, George (coffee house)
Bishop, James & Co (milliner and artificial flower maker)
Blenkinsop, Henry (hosier)
Blundstone, William (broad silk manufacturer)
Bogue, David (bookseller and publisher)
Boone, Thomas and William (booksellers)
Borradaile, Son & Ravenhill (merchants)
Boulnois, John (upholsterer)
Bowtell, Thomas (boot and shoe warehouse)
Bowtell, Thomas (boot and shoe maker)
Bowtell, Thomas (Tottenham Shoe Mart)
Bradbee, George Whiffin (fringe maker)
British Coffee House and Hotel
Bromley’s Auction Rooms
Broughton, Henry (button maker)
Brown, Anthony (musical instrument maker)
Brown, Edward (oil & Italian warehouse)
Browne, John (piano dealer)
Burder, John (solicitor)
Cahan, Edward (tailor)
Carlton Chambers
Catherine Wheel Inn (Old)
Catherine Wheel Inn (New)
Cazaly, Thomas (engraver and stationer)
Cazaly, William (linen draper)
Chaffin, James (glass and lamp manufacturer)
Chapman, George Albert (linen draper)
Cheffins, Alexander (music seller)
Christy & Co. (hat manufacturers)
Churton, Henry (hosiery warehouse)
Churton, William & Son (hosiers)
Clarke, Edward Marmaduke (optician and magnetician)
Clarke, Miss (lace warehouse)
Claudet & Houghton (glass dealers)
Clowes, William (printer)
Colas, Louis Ferdinand (box maker)
Colley, John (perfumer and hair cutter)
Collingridge, Thomas (watch maker)
Colquhoun, Sir James (M.P.)
Cooper, Henry Luke (plate glass factor and upholsterer)
Corss, James (tailor)
Corrs & Tucker (boot & shoemakers)
Cotton, Rev. Dr. (ordinary of Newgate Prison)
Crace, Frederick (Painter to the King)
Cramer, François (violinist)
Cramp, George (coal merchant)
Crocker, James (reel cotton manufacturer)
Cross, Joseph (engraver)
Crosse and Blackwell (fish sauce warehouse)
Cubison, Mrs Elizabeth (milliner and hatter)
Culverwell, Dr. Richard James (bathing establishment)
Danieli, Charles (jeweller)
Daniell, Neville (dentist)
Danks and Son (carpet warehouse)
Danks, Jeremiah (carpet warehouse)
Deacon & Co. (carriers)
Dever, Robert (confectioner)
Dolby’s Dining Rooms (proprietor: Samuel Dolby)
Dolly’s Beef Steak House (proprietor: Thomas Howell)
Doudney, George David (tailor)
Drewett, Ann (circulating library)
Ducrow, Andrew (circus theatre)
Dunford & Co (pin and Needle makers)
Dupin, James Fray Lewellin (auctioneer)
Dymond & Co. (operative chemists)
Eckford, Charles John (carver and gilder)
Eddels, Mary (hosier and glover)
Edgington, Benjamin (tarpaulin manufacturer)
Edgington, Thomas (twine and tarpaulin manufacturer)
Egg, Joseph (gunsmith)
Elden (pastry cook)
Eglese, Joseph (jeweller and watch maker)
Element, John (coffee house and hotel keeper)
Eley, Charles and William (patent wire cartridge warehouse)
Elphick, Marc (wine & spirits merchant)
Evans and Lescher (wholesale druggists)
Everington & Graham (India shawl warehouse)
Farley, Henry (toy dealer)
Farley, Thomas (toy warehouse)
Farmiloe, George (window glass cutter)
Farrance, Thomas and James (cooks and confectioners)
Farrell, Garrett (confectioner)
Faraday, Robert (brass founder)
Fendall’s Coffee House and Hotel
Fergusson, James (architect)
Field, J.C. & J. (wax and tallow chandlers)
Finch, Henry (victualler)
Finden, Richard (baby linen warehouse)
Fisher, Samuel (cutler)
Flanagan & Nutting (seedsmen)
Flint, Ebenezer (hosier)
Fribourg & Treyer (tobacconists)
Fribourg & Pontet, (tobacconists)
Fricker, Henry (shoe maker)
Fuller and Saltwell (solicitors)
Geddes, John (Catherine Wheel Inn)
General Steam Navigation Company
Glendinning, Catherine (printer)
Gray, Henry (livery stables)
Greenland, George and Alfred (booksellers)
Gundry & Sons (shoemakers)
Halfhide, George (seal engraver)
Hardy, James & Sons (playing card makers)
Harrison, Mary (toy dealer)
Hawkes, John (military warehouse)
Hawkrigg, Joseph (coffee house keeper)
Hebert, George (librarian and bookseller)
Heenan, James (importer of cigars)
Hemming, Samuel (hosier)
Hetley & Co., glass shade warehouse
Hewetson Brothers (upholsterers & warehousemen)
Holmes, J. & J. (shawl manufacturers)
Holwell, Benjamin (confectioner)
Holwell, Charles (hatter)
Honeywill & Co (coach makers)
Hooper, John & Sons (confectioners and lozenge manufacturers)
Hooper, Stephen and George (stationers and printers)
Hopper, Humphrey (sculptor)
Hosegood, Thomas (surgeon)
Houghton, Charles (ironmonger)
Houghton & Claudet (glass dealers)
How & Cheverton (tea dealers)
Thomas Howell (Dolly’s Beef Steak House)
Huggins, William John (marine painter)
Hunt, Samuel (billiard rooms and cigar divan)
Huntly, Elizabeth (seal and copper-plate engraver)
Isherwood & Son (house decorators)
Jackson & Walford (booksellers)
Jaques, John (ivory turner)
Jay, Messrs (mourning warehouse)
Johnson, Renny & Milman (indigo merchants)
Jones, Peter (chemist)
Kerby, Edmund (hosier and glover)
Lonsdale, Christopher (music library)
Low, Sampson (bookseller)
Luntley, Josiah John (undertaker)
Manfield, Isaac and Hannah (wire workers)
Marks & Co. (coach and harness manufactory)
Markwick, Alfred (surgeon; the Epithem Company)
Marshall and Sons (wax chandlers)
Mart, Samuel (fruiterer)
Mason, John (plumber)
Maw, Solomon (surgeon’s instrument maker)
Meabry, John & Son (grocers)
Mechi, John Joseph (cutler and farmer)
Metzler & Co (pianoforte manufacturers)
Miers, William (maker of miniature frames)
Milentz, Henry Andrew (furrier)
Miller, John (waterproof clothing)
Millington, Thomas Alexander (glazier)
Mills, Henry (silversmith)
Mills, Richard, (musical circulating library)
Milns, Edward (linen draper)
Milroy, Thomas, & Sons (saddlers and harness makers)
Moffat, George (tea broker)
Moline, Sparks (consignee for Guinness)
Monnery (glover and outfitter)
Morey, Henry Edward (fishmonger)
Morris, William (publican of The White Hart)
Morse, Edward (stationer and bookseller)
Mortlock, William (china warehouse)
Mortlock & Sturges (china warehouse)
Moseley, John (plane and tool makers)
Moseley, Richard (military warehouse)
Mott, Isaac Henry Robert (pianoforte maker)
Mountcastle, Edward (hatter)
Muston, James (feather merchant and wholesale upholsterer)
Nettleton, Thomas (brazier)
Newton & Son, James (cork cutters)
Nichols & Son (printers)
Norie, J.W. & Co. (navigation warehouse)
Pain, John Brooks (butcher)
Panormo, Louis (guitar maker)
Parbury & Co (Oriental Herald Office)
Peart & Dossetor (hosiery warehouse)
Peel’s Coffee House
Peirce, George (printer)
Perkins, Bacon & Petch (bank note engravers)
Perring, John (hat maker)
Pettinger, John (plumber)
Phillips, Harry (auctioneer)
Phillips and Sampson (tailors and drapers)
Pill, George and Alfred (pastry cooks and confectioners)
Pimm, James (fishmonger and confectioner)
Piver, L.T. (perfumer and glover)
Place, Francis (tailor)
Pontet, Francis (tobacconists)
Poulson, Benjamin (tailor)
Procter, John (cheesemonger)
Procter, Robert (cheesemonger)
Pryor, Elizabeth (silversmith)
Puddick, Richard, Henry and Willam (eating house keepers)
Radclyffe, Edward (carver & gilder)
Rawbone, Thomas (wine vaults)
Reeve, Richard Nelson (mercer)
Rehsif, Ablett & Co. (outfitters)
Reynauld, Jean-Baptiste (silk merchant)
Richards, Henry (chemist)
Ridgway, Thomas (tea merchant and grocer)
Robinson and Bellville (tea dealers and grocers / Barley Water Groats)
Roe, Freeman (hydraulic engineer)
Rudderforths (staymakers)
Ruddick, Ellen (tobacconist)
Sabine & Woolley (playing card makers)
Salaman, Mademoiselle (milliner and dress maker)
Sampson and Phillips (tailors and drapers)
Sangster, W. & J. (umbrella makers)
Sharwood, Samuel and Thomas (Austin Letter Foundry)
Serquet, Emanuel (harp maker)
Sharp & Son (tea dealers & grocers)
Shaw, William (ironmonger)
Sherborn, John (oil and colour warehouse)
Simpson, David (baker)
Simpson, William Henry (baker)
Smith & Pinkney (solicitors)
Snelling, Charles (perfumer and hairdresser)
Snelling, Thomas (oilman)
Snoswell, William (musical clock & watch maker)
Spratswill, William (tailor an draper)
Starkie, James and Richard (chemists)
Stennett, Charles (wine and spirit merchant)
Sterry, Joseph & Son (Italian warehouse)
Suter, Edward Dyer (Infant Book Depository)
Suter, Robert (architect)
Swaine and Isaac (whipmakers)
Sykes, William (van office)
Szarka, Francis & Co. (furriers)
Tarring, John (architect)
Teede, John Pearson (grocer)
Tegg, Thomas (bookseller)
Thiselton, Augustus (printer)
Thorn, Alexander (oil and Italian warehouse)
Thresher, Son & Co (outfitters and shirt makers)
Tilt, Charles (publisher and print seller)
Todd, John (cheesemonger)
Tolkien, Henry (music publisher)
Toplis & Son (auctioneers)
Treloar, Thomas (cocoa nut fibre warehouse)
Tullet, John (wine and spirit merchant)
Turner, James and Thomas (veterinary surgeons)
Ubsdell, Charles (tailor)
Voysey, Annesley (architect)
Vyse, Charles (straw hat manufacturer)
Vyse, Thomas (straw hat manufacturer)
Waithman & Co. (linen drapers)
Waring, Samuel (consignee for Guinness)
Warne, Thomas (currier)
Weale, John (architectural library)
Wedgwood & Co. (manifold writers)
Whelan, Peter (coin dealer)
Wheeler, Cornelius (auctioneer)
Whisson & Collis (wine merchants)
White Hart (publican: William Morris)
Whitfield, Jeremiah (carpet warehouse)
Whitfield, John (cheese & bacon factor)
Whitfield, William (butterman)
Whitfield, William Benson (surgeon)
Wilcoxon, Ralph (bbot maker)
Wilcoxon & Co (looking glass manufacturers)
Williams & Sowerby (silk mercers)
Witcomb, William (tailor)
Wix, Henry (bookseller and publisher)
Wood, Richard Mason (Austin Letter Foundry)
Woodward, Thomas (baker)
Woolley, Nathaniel Jones (chemist & druggist)
Woolley & Sabine (playing card makers)
Wright, John (wine and spirit merchant at the Turk’s Head)
Yeomans, James (livery stables)
Zetterquist & Sons (oilmen)


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